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Goosen Boerdery (Pty) Ltd

The Goosen Family is one of the oldest farming families in the Prince Alfred’s Hamlet area, and was both proud and humbled to celebrate their 150th Anniversary in 2011.  Born from a lineage of pioneers, the management of the business currently lies with fifth generation Danie and Kleinjan Goosen as Managing Directors of the company. Their sons, JC and Janus Goosen live out their passion within the company in the lines of production and finance respectively.

The Company consists of two farming units, Jagerskraal Boerdery (PA Hamlet) and Ou Stasie Boerdery (Wolseley).  Farming on both sides of the Skurweberg Mountain range, has the benefit of two climate zones and the opportunity to grow a wider range of varieties from early too late.

In 2003 the Goosen Family launched a BEE company,  Denou Farming (Pty) Ltd, with the Den Haag Workers Trust (representing 116 workers of Ou Stasie and Jagerskraal). The Goosen Family owns 49% and the Den Haag Workers Trust 51%.

All Stone Fruit for Stems are packed at a state of the art packing facility on the original farm, Jagerskraal.

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go3The Goosen Family nurture communication with their staff members, and strive to utilize and develop their human resources optimally.  Furthermore, they follow technically sound practices whilst adding great value to the conservation of the environment.

At Ou Stasie Farm Crèche, three permanent staff members take care of 30 children under the age of 5 years. The farm children are also introduced to flute and karate lessons by trained teachers.  One of their proudest moments were when one of the children of a staff member won a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games in Australia, in 2011.

The permanent employees of Goosen Boerdery are part of the “Maintenance and Building” teams that take care of their own houses and gardens; by doing so a feeling of ownership is encouraged.

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