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The Stems offer includes the best of South Africa’s Plum, Nectarine, Peach, Apricot as well as Fresh Figs.



Our offer includes Red, Black and Yellow Plums.

  •  Red & Black skin varieties: We harvest the first red and black Plum varieties in Week 46 (mid November)  in the main Plum production area in South Africa, namely the Western Cape. Although we do some airfreight, the bulk of our Plum crop will be exported by sea. With a good representation in our late production areas, our fresh sea freight offer is available up until Week 13 (late March), although some of the black skin varieties can be stored until shipping Week 15 and even later (early April).
    Red Plum Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] * | Black Plum Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS – Red Plum availability calendar

HARVEST WEEKS – Black Plum availability calendar

  • Yellow skin varieties: Our first yellow Plum on offer is a variety called Sun Kiss. This variety will be harvested in the Western Cape in Week 50 (mid December). Our fresh yellow Plum offer is available up until shipping Week 8 whereafter we can extend our season until shipping Week 10/11 (early March) by using a well proven technology, namely SmartFresh℠.
    Yellow Plum Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS – Yellow Plum availability calendar

Shipping regime:  The condition (coloration, pressures, sugars etc.) of our Plums at harvesting, determines the shipping regime (the temperature on which we set the containers) to the respective markets.



With access to some of the best Nectarine breeding programs in the world, Stems has one of the most interesting varietal offers, both on yellow and white flesh out of South Africa.

  • Yellow flesh varieties: Opening the season in the North West with airfreight in Week 41 (early October), we move into sea freight in Week 45 (early November) as we access the volumes of the Eastern and Western Cape. Our last yellow flesh Nectarines will be harvested and shipped in Week 10 (early March).
    Yellow Flesh Nectarine Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS – Yellow Flesh Nectarines availability calendar

  • White flesh varieties: The first white flesh variety will be harvested in the North West in Week 43 (late October) and will be exported by air. As we access the Western Cape volumes in Week 48 (end of November), we start with sea freight shipments.
    White Flesh Nectarine Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS – White Flesh Nectarines availability calendar


Peaches: Yellow & White flesh

We open our Stone Fruit season with airfreight Peaches from the North West in Week 41 (first week of October). As from Week 45 (mid November) we start with sea freight shipments as we move south into the production of the Western Cape. Our involvement in several breeding programs enable us to extend our season up until shipping Week 10 (mid March) and also contributes to better fruit size, yields and the eating quality of our Peaches.
Yellow & White Flesh Peach Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS – Peach availability calendar


Opening our Apricot season in Week 45 (early November) with a sea freight as well as airfreight offer, we continue shipping this commodity up until Week 51 (mid December).
Apricot Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS – Apricot availability calendar

Shipping regime: Taking the sea freight journey of between 12 – 24 days to the respective markets into account;   all our Nectarines, Peaches and Apricots will be shipped at a single temperature of minus 0.5⁰C for the duration of the journey.


Figs Varietal Calendar [ pdf ] *

HARVEST WEEKS: Figs availability calendar

* These PDFs are secured. Mail info@stemsfruit.co.za for more information.