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The Stems Sustainability strategy

As Stems Fruit we understand that the long-term viability of our business is, in a very fundamental way, dependent upon the ongoing viability and productivity of our supply base: We understand that we depend upon farming that is economically strong and resilient, farms that enjoy a vibrant and productive relationship with society and the local community, and farming that protect and strengthen the ecological foundation upon which it ongoing productivity relies.

Mulching in young orchard and calibration of new electro-static spray pump.

Mulching in young orchard and calibration of new electro-static spray pump.

The Stems Sustainability strategy (developed under the guidance of Blue North)  is therefore centered on our supplying farms and facilitates the proactive identification and response to any factors that can undermine their sustainability. We achieve this practically through a sustainability study group made up of our key growers, that meets regularly, and which proactively identifies risks, formulates the actions and knowledge-sharing necessary to mitigate and overcome these risks, and monitors the effectiveness of the selected actions through a set of sustainability “measures and indicators”.


Mulching improves soil structure, better water management and helps to control weeds.

Through our strategy of forging long-term relationships with outstanding farmers and the collaborative strategy we have adopted with them to drive a farm-level sustainability agenda, Stems and our growers are positioned to proactively and effectively respond to changing economic, social and environmental conditions, and in so doing sustain the supply of the quality stone fruit our customers have come to expect.

Please contact you want more detail on the work and output of the Stems Sustainability Study Group.

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