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 Why Stems?

A stem of a fruit is arguably the most essential building block in the sustenance of life. It supports the fruit, carrying life-giving water and minerals. Without the nourishment and connectedness of stems, life as we know it, would not exist.

Stems acts as the link and support structure between our growers and the marketplace, providing a vigorous and effective flow of information that puts us at the forefront of market demands, opportunities and sustainable developments.

The Stems team has built up a global reputation of delivering outstanding produce, successfully connecting our growers with retailers, wholesalers, service providers and world-class breeders. This empowers them to respond to market-demand, efficiently and effectively.

Our company name embodies the connectedness, nourishment, nurture and circle of life-qualities that our produce personifies.

What makes Stems unique?

Stems Fruit PTY Ltd, is a distinctive South African stone fruit and fresh fig exporter, with deep-rooted ties to the industry. The company was officially formed in June 2011, as the founders spotted an opportunity in the market to provide a unique, customized, organically driven business model that exemplifies connectivity between various stakeholders.

Our ethos is based on family values, good corporate governance and strategic partnerships. The company’s vision and mission statement were harnessed by a group of passionate fruit producers who sought to make a difference in the industry and become sustainable role-models and market leaders.

We believe a chief differentiating factor is our continued need to place the highest value of excellence on produce, continuity, consistency, service levels and thorough evaluation procedures to broaden our unique cultivar range.

The complexity of the commodity dictates our strategical decision-making initiatives. Stems believe in focussing on quality rather than quantity. This focus is reflected in the small, strategic grower base (25 growers) that contributes to the multi-million carton export offer we provide annually.

South Africa is internationally recognized for world-class fruit exports and by capitalizing on the diversity and micro-climates, our grower group is spread over the length and breadth of the Western Cape. This contributes to the uniqueness and strategic value of each grower as well as harnessing their varietal offer and variable time of harvesting.

The Stems grower group believe in sustainable production, responsible expansion and financial viability built on environmentally sound and advanced farming practices. With access to some of the world’s leading breeding programs, experimental blocks have been established in different production areas to enable scientific evaluation of cultivars responsibly, before commercialization.

With an expert team of growers, marketers and distributors we bring nature’s harvest straight from our farms to the consumers’ plate.


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