Production Area – Ceres

Production Area – Ceres

Cascade Farms

Ceres Cascade Farms is composed of two unique farms, each with its own distinct character. The original farm, Montana, was inherited by Pietie Wolfaardt from his father who previously used it as a stock farm from 1961. The land is a mountainous terrain with a very harsh and dry climate. The second farm, Cascade, was purchased in 1984 by Pietie and his wife, Shannon, and now houses the administration functions of the business. Named after the waterfalls found in the Skurweberg mountain, this farm has a more moderate climate with high rainfall and various soil types.Read more

Goosen BoerderyThe Goosen Family started farming on Jagerskraal in 1861 and is one of the oldest farming families in the Prince Alfred’s Hamlet area. Born from a lineage of pioneers, the management of the business currently lies with the 5th and 6th generations, including Danie, Janus and JC Goosen as directors of the company. The business consists of three farming units: Jagerskraal (Prince Alfred’s Hamlet), Ou Stasie (Wolseley) and Nuutbegin (Rawsonville). Farming on both sides of the Skurweberg Mountain range has the benefit of two climate zones, providing the opportunity to grow a wider range of varieties from early to late season. Read more
Kalos Farming

Daniel Goosen is part of the fifth generation of Goosen’s farming on the original Waboomsrivier farm, on which the town of Prince Alfred’s Hamlet originated. After two generations, the farms were split between the brothers and the part he currently farms, became Bo-Jagerskraal (later renamed Waboomskraal). His father, Gerhard Goosen, farmed on this property since 1968, but after his sudden death in 1991, Daniel took over the reins. Kalos Farming currently consists out of five production units on which we farm with peaches, nectarines, pears, wheat, canola, sheep, and cattle. Read more

Loxtonia Farm

Loxtonia Farm is situated in the heart of the Western Cape farmlands, in the Ceres Valley. The farm has been owned by the Whitfield family since 1990 and is run with core family values – considering honesty, commitment and sustainability as priorities for the success of the business. Loxtonia is situated about 550m above sea level in a winter rainfall area with an average rainfall of 850mm annually. Apples, pears and plums are exported worldwide from this farm, while a small percentage of fruit is also supplied to the local South African market. All fruit types grown on Loxtonia are cooled, stored, packed and dispatched from the Farm. Read more


Verdun Estates is a family business in character and tradition. The farm was acquired by Izak and Bertha Wolfaardt in 1918, and it is one of the oldest farms in Prince Alfred’s Hamlet. What started as a mixed farming venture (as was the norm of the region in those years) has now turned to focus on stone fruit, specifically nectarines, since the 1980s. It is noteworthy that the first Wolfaardt Nectarines graced the markets of the UK as early as 1924.  Over the years the tradition of complete family involvement was honoured, and the business is currently in the hands of the 4th generation – Peter Wolfaardt and Georgina Hewitt.Read more

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