Cerasus Farm

Cerasus Farm

At the foot of the Swartberg Mountains, Cerasus Farm was established in 2006. Nestled in the shadows of some of the highest mountain peaks in the Western Cape, the farm quenches its thirst from the melting snow of these mountains.

Owner Johan Furstenberg and General Manager Andre Mouton are responsible for the management of this production unit.

They are supported by operational managers in production, administration and packing, who together ensure that the handling of the produce is closely supervised from orchard to market.

The Cerasus fruit season starts in November with apricots, peaches and plums; and ends in May with pomegranates. To prolong their fruit season, they skilfully use the different soil types and slopes for management and timing for each orchard harvested.

Cerasus manages the farm as a business and believes in not remaining locked in the old methods but innovating, understanding and supplying the right markets and keeping a sustainable competitive edge over other businesses.

All fruit are packed and handled at Cerasus Fruit Packers in a state-of-the-art facility with an electronic weight sizer for optimization of production and fruit handling. The farm constantly works towards a more sustainable and profitable agricultural and business environment while building and sustaining relationships.

Cerasus forms part of the Hoeko irrigation scheme and water from the melting snow is collected in storage dams during winter for irrigation purposes. 80% of irrigation is done by means of natural gravitation, resulting in a dramatic decrease in electricity usage. Cerasus is passionate about its business culture and its mission remains to inspire others.