Kalos Farming

Kalos Farming (Pty) Ltd

Daniel Goosen is part of the fifth generation of Goosen’s farming on the original Waboomsrivier farm, on which the town of Prince Alfred’s Hamlet originated. After two generations, the farms were split between the brothers and the part he currently farms, became Bo-Jagerskraal (later renamed Waboomskraal). His father, Gerhard Goosen, farmed on this property since 1968, but after his sudden death in 1991, Daniel took over the reins. Kalos Farming currently consists out of five production units on which we farm with peaches, nectarines, pears, wheat, canola, sheep, and cattle.

In 2009 a stone fruit packhouse with cooling facilities was built on the Perdefontein production unit. This facility handles the packing of all fruit from the different units. In 2017 the packhouse was expanded with a second pack line and larger cooling facilities to accommodate the growing volumes of stone fruit as well as pears from the production units.

In 2015 a production area was identified and set aside for the KAJA Project to empower Kalos workers in the agricultural sector. The farming and business knowledge and experience that the Kalos Farming management team offers is used to mentor the workers effectively.

Kalos Farming further provides for the well-being of their staff by encouraging valuable training, ensuring safe and secure housing, and offering daycare facilities for the children of their workers.

Daniel and his wife, Lilian, base their success on faith and a strong social and environmental responsibility, all of which form a stable foundation for their business. They believe in an open and approachable management style that enables good communication, and they further promote this through a very active workers’ committee. Daniel believes his faith, his passion for farming, the staff knowing what is expected from them and the investment he makes in creating a positive working environment are the keys to his success.