Stanislaus Agri: A Fruitful Venture in Tulbagh Since 2007

Founded in 2007, Stanislaus Agri epitomizes the fruitful alliance between a farmer and a businessman. This partnership has flourished into a thriving fruit farming venture across five distinct units, two of which are leased from the Theron and Viljoen families. Our farms stand as a living testament to the blend of agricultural expertise and entrepreneurial insight.

Nature’s Harmony: Stanislaus Agri thrives thanks to Tulbagh’s rich soil and favourable climate. This combination provides an ideal foundation for growing various fruits. Tulbagh’s distinct seasons infuse our fruits with a balance of sweetness and succulence, resulting in a natural symphony of flavours.

Diverse Bounty: Our orchards yield an assortment of fruits including apples, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, and pears. This variety guarantees a steady supply for our partners and caters to evolving consumer preferences. Committed to delivering quality, our selection resonates locally and internationally.

Sustaining Tradition: Stanislaus Agri’s roots in this unique partnership underscore our commitment to sustainability. We prioritize orchard health and environmental preservation. This approach safeguards resources and ensures our legacy endures, illustrating the positive impact of cooperative stewardship.

As you explore Tulbagh, Stanislaus Agri invites you to experience the fruit of a collaboration that began in 2007. Our farms embody the fusion of farmer and businessman, guided by ecological harmony. Rooted in sustainability and a varied fruit selection, Stanislaus Agri offers a journey of Flavors and enduring partnership.